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Villa de San Leonardo
En San Leonardo de Yagüe, Soria

Villa de San Leonardo

Rural house for 4 + 1 people in San Leonardo de Yagüe, Soria

Cottage located in the center of the village. It has all its commodities.

1 double bedroom (marriage) with possibility of an extra bed and 1 double bed. Living-dining room, fully equipped kitchen. Full bathroom.

Located in the region of Pine Forests of Soria, in the widest (green stain) of the Peninsula

Rural house
Full House
4 + 1 people
Not Accessible


TV in living room


Price and availability for 4 + 1 people
Room / night:100€
Ask for Easter and Long weekends


Rural house in San Leonardo de Yagüe, Soria
Typical pine village in the heart of the pine region. Among its countless artworks, the castle of the XVI century highlights, unique in the “traza abaluartada”, and the parish church with a blacksmith style. Medieval wakes in the schoolyard and high school. The village has many hotel services, health center, swimming pools, etc. It is surrounded by pines with many ideal landscapes, some picnics and some fountains. Pine forest which provides mushrooms in autumn. Two traditions highlight: the stick dance inside the parish of San Blas and the Candelas, and the rise of the May (pine). Arganza is close, with a with blind Romanesque portico where you can see part of their capitals. San Leonardo belongs to the Natural Park river Lobos.

Nearby places to visit

Bosque Mágico
a 1 km.
En el BOSQUE MÁGICO FUENTE DEL PINO, de la Villa de San Leonardo, en un entorno natural, donde hay una energía especial y habitan la imaginación y la fantasía desde tiempos ancestrales, los gnomos, hadas y otros seres, lo han elegido como hogar
Cañón del Río Lobos
a 9 km.
Axis of Natural Park of the River Lobos where the vultures are the kings of the air. La Casa del Parque in Ucero, and location of the Templar church of San Bartolo and Cueva Grande are charismatic. There are parking, road and path.
Monumento Natural La Fuentona
a 20 km.
At the end of the Gorge of Abión is it’s the birth of La Fuentona guarded by vultures and other raptors, surrounded by a pine and some juniper and oak. It is Natural Monument and you cannot have a bath in it. The best access is by Muriel de la Fuente.
a 21 km.
Among Dueruelo de la Sierra and the Peacks of Urbión where the Duero is born, there is the rocky landscape of Castroviejo, the Enchanted City of Soria which reminds the city of Cuenca. The pine views from the lookout are outstanding. There are picnic tabl
Lagunas de Neila
a 24 km.
Impressive set of glacial lakes in an environment that will surprise you and they have been recognized, with their immediate environment, such as Natural Park.
Playa Pita (Embalse de La Cuerda del Pozo)
a 24 km.
Este hermoso paisaje rodeado de montañas, pinares y pueblos pintorescos, es uno de los lugares que no debes perderte en tu visita a Soria. Desde practicar deportes acuáticos, hasta disfrutar de una jornada de playa, aquí todo es posible.
a 25 km.
A Historical Artistic Group. Medieval town with its medieval flavor through its paving streets, typical houses, castle tower and city walls. So it has been stage in several films, excelling Chimes at Midnight of the great Orson Welles.
Ciudad Romana de Clunia
a 26 km.
Clunia was Celtiberian first and was after Roman, and in it there are left different archeological remains, including mosaics. Its Interpretation Center, the forum, and above all, the theater stands highlight.
Laguna Negra
a 26 km.
The place belongs to the Natural Park Mountain Chain la Laguna Negra and Glacial Circus of the Urbión, sung by Antonio Machado. Focus of legends and in an idyllic setting of beech, Scots pine and rocks. It is also ZEPA and LIC. Nature everywhere.
Catedral del Burgo de Osma
a 27 km.
Gothic cathedral with Cistercian influences with Baroque tower and neoclassic added in its monumental Chapel Palafox. Interesting Roman remains. It was built from 1231 Two facades with multiple figures. Cathedral Museum and Gothic cloister.
San Esteban de Gormaz
a 31 km.
Historic-Artistic group where its two arcade Romanesque churches stand out. On the hill there are remains of the castle, and in its slope there are traditional wineries. Medieval bridge. See Regional Park Romanesque.
Monasterio de Santo Domingo de Silos
a 33 km.
Its cloister of perfect harmony which invites you to reflection, peace and dreams, while delighting the eye with the jewels of western architecture which is reflected in the capitals of iconography that bears the name of Silos.
Desfiladero de la Yecla
a 33 km.
If you want to feel part of a rock and go unnoticed among the falling water , come to La Yecla which is between the mountain in a path of 300 meters above the river Mataviejas.
Cementerio de Sad Hill
a 34 km.
El ficticio cementerio militar donde transcurren los últimos momentos de la película EL BUENO, EL FEO Y EL MALO y la secuencia más recordada, el duelo a tres entre Clint Eastwood, Eli Wallach y Lee Van Cleef.
Castillo de Gormaz
a 38 km.
National Monument since 1931. The Europe's largest castle. Caliphate, from the X century, in Almanzor´s time. The Duero turns around the rocky outcrop that sits. El Cid was his warden and disgraced, his wife and daughters were there prisoners.
El Monasterio de San Pedro de Arlanza
a 41 km.
Situado a 5 Km. de Hortigüela a orillas del río que le da nombre, era uno de los centros monásticos más importantes del Condado de Castilla. Fundado en el año 912, recibió el apelativo de «cuna de Castilla» y estuvo en funcionamiento hasta la desamortizac
Castillo de Berlanga de Duero
a 44 km.
Renaissance castle defended by a wall of the XII century, in which Richard Lester filmed part of The Three Musketeers. From the top you can see the layout of this medieval town and its Gothic collegiate .Nearby there are anthropomorphic tombs.
Centro de Interpretación Sierra Cebollera
a 45 km.
Situado en Villoslada de Cameros, este magnífico centro ofrece una exposición permanente sobre las características del Parque Natural a través de paneles, maquetas y elementos interactivos.
Quintanilla de las Viñas
a 47 km.
En la localidad de Quintanilla de las Viñas, se encuentra una iglesia visigótica del siglo VII, de la que queda la cabecera y parte del crucero. También en esta localidad, pero a unos 3 Km. se encuentra un importante yacimiento de huellas de dinosaurio..
Monasterio de la Virgen de Valvanera
a 48 km.
Is one of the valleys, secluded and lush, in the foothills of the Mountain Chain Demanda, not far from the peak of San Lorenzo, the former monastery of Valvanera, place of devotion, pilgrimage and witness Rioja eleven centuries of history rises.
Street address: Calle Cuesta del Mayo, 1
42140 San Leonardo de Yagüe, Soria
GPS: Latitude 41.82920, Length -3.06660